How to Remove a Front Bumper

What You'll Need
Socket set
Wrench set
Needle nose pliers

The front bumper is your first line of defense if you crash into something (or someone hits you) from the front. This makes the front bumper an invaluable asset for your car. The front bumper can be made out of various materials from metal and plastic to fiberglass. Damaging a front bumper is not the end of the world and does not harm the rest of your car. You can find a new front bumper at various junk yards and replace it yourself. The front bumper is design specific to whichever car you own and removing the front bumper can vary from model to model. Even though they are fastened somewhat differently from model to model the front bumper is still attached in roughly the same manner. The article that follows will show you how to remove the front bumper of a car. Always have the manual for your specific model handy to refer to in case something id drastically different.

Step 1 - Access

Accessing the pins, latches and screws that hold the front bumper to the front of the car varies from model to model. Some car models will attach the front bumper by the wheel well of the front tire. To access these screws you will need to move the front tires to the left or right. Other cars will have part of the front bumper attached inside the engine compartment close to the radiator. To access these connections you will need to open the hood. Some vehicles may need you to put the car on a jack and remove the front tires to access the screws holding the front bumper in place.

Step 2 - Headlights and Turn Signals

Removing the front bumper is more involved than what people initially think. The headlights and turn signals may be attached to the front pumper on some car models. You may need to crawl under the car or jack it up in the front. Disconnect the harnesses on either side of the front bumper which are part of the turn signal system. Open the hood and remove the fasteners holding the headlight lamps in place. You can now pull the headlight out from the well and remove the wires. You will also need to remove the fastener screws.

Step 3 - Inner Fender

Some cars will have an inner fender that needs to be removed. This liner is placed between the radiator and the fender wall. Remove all of the screws and bolts holding it place. The liner connects to the air deflector on the radiator. With the bolts and pins removed you simply have to pull the inner fender away from the body.

Step 4 - Removing the Front Bumper

Now, remove the screws and pins that attach the front bumper to the fender. You'll need to remove the bolts connecting the front bumper to the radiator. There will be push pins holding the bumper in place on the grille. Slide the front bumper forward to remove it.