How to Remove a Front Door Gate

What You'll Need
A helper
wood chisel
Pry bar

You may have installed a security gate on your front door and you may now be at the point where that front door gate needs to be removed or replaced. There are various types, styles, and sizes, mainly used to secure an entry into a building or area. Most are made from metal, either decorative wrought iron or metal clad wood making it heavy for one person to handle. Below you will find a step-by-step list on how to remove your front door gate.

Step 1 - Enlist Some Help

Enlist the help of someone that has an ability to lift and move things. Do not sacrifice hurting your back by lifting up a front door gate all by yourself.

Step 2 - Remove Finish Trim

Remove any of the finish trim or moldings from around the gate. These may be nailed, screwed, or glued into place. Try and remove these screws or nails first using the backside of a hammer (for the nails) or a screwdriver (either Philips head or flat head). If this does not work, then you will need to pull out the wood chisel.

Use a wood chisel to aid in the removal by wedging it between the trim and wall or gate. Tap on the end of the chisel lightly with a hammer to break free the trim working all around to loosen it. Using a small pry bar wedge it between the gate and trim and slowly pry it away until you can remove it. Take your time doing this you don’t want to create more work in the way of repairing the opening after you remove the gate.

Step 3 - Review the Gate Latch System and Remove

Look at the gate's latching mechanism and determine if part of it can be removed with the gate closed. Some manufacturer's gates are designed to hide the fasteners when they are in the closed position making them more secure. You will need to open the gate and hold it open to access the fasteners if this is the type you have.

Step 4 - Remove the Gate Frame

Take note on how the gate sits in the opening, by itself, or does it have a frame around it. If you find the gate is enclosed in a frame surrounding it then you may need to remove the frame and gate as an assembly.

Step 5 - Remove the Hinges

Look at the hinge side first and see if there are fasteners that hold the hinges in place or are they welded to a steel frame. Welded hinges will definitely mean that the whole assembly is removed in one piece. Start removing the fasteners that hold the gate hinges or frame in place, this is where your assistant comes in handy. Have your assistant hold the gate or the frame and door assembly from falling as you continue to remove all the fasteners.

Step 6 - Pull Out the Gate

Tilt the gate or the assembly out, or in at the top to help aid in the removal. Twist it a bit and pull it free of the opening. The clean up and patching of any surfaces where the door gate was can now be done.