How to Remove a Granite Backsplash

  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Soft gloves (suede or leather)
Small chisel
Rubber mallet
Masking tape
Drop cloth

A granite backsplash adds class to any home as well as protection from moisture. The granite backsplash is not difficult to install nor is it too costly. Over time you may decide that the current design of the granite backsplash is not what you want or the backsplash has somehow been damaged. Regardless of the reason you want to remove the granite backsplash. This is not difficult to do unless you want to try to remove the granite backsplash without damaging the granite. The article that follows will show you how to properly remove a granite backsplash without, hopefully, damaging the granite tile.

Step 1 - Preparation of the Area

There are no guarantees that even with proper precautions that you will not damage the granite tile backsplash. You can do the best you can to limit the possibility of damage to the tile. Removing the granite tile causes small vibrations within the stone and it is that vibration that causes the tiles to break or crack. The trick to minimizing the breaking is to minimize the vibration. As you work on removing the granite tile backsplash always wear a pair of soft gloves. A rubber mallet also absorbs some of the vibration. The final trick is to tape an "X" through the center of the tile with the masking tape. You will also want to lay down a drop cloth on top of the counter to protect it.

Step 2 - Removing the Grout

Removing a tile without worrying about saving it is easy as you can simply strike a tile to break it and then pry off the remaining granite tiles. This takes no time at all but preserving the granite tile means you can use it somewhere else in the home, sell it or use it in another craft or home project. The first step in removing a granite tile is by removing the grout between the tiles. Use the chisel and work from one end going downward between the granite tiles. Place the chisel at an angle that is roughly at 45 degrees. Use force to try and push the chisel into the grout and then strike it softly with the rubber mallet. Continue striking the mallet until the grout is removed. Work section by section. Start going from up to down between the tiles then across the tiles.

Step 3 - Removing the Granite Tiles

With the grout removed it makes it much easier to remove the granite tile backsplash. If the adhesive behind the tiles has failed; then the tiles can be physically removed without much effort. Firmly grip the tile on each side and attempt to wiggle the granite tile from side to side to dislodge it. Attempt this with each of the tiles before using force. For the tiles that require force you will place the chisel at one of the ends of the tile. Tap it gently until it is loose while holding the tile down.

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