How to Remove a Hinge Pin Door Stop

What You'll Need
Wood filler
Putty knife scraper
Rubber door stopper

Whether you are replacing it because of a décor change or simply because it has become defective, it is useful to know how to remove a hinge pin door stop. Following a few simple steps will allow you to remove this working part effectively and rectify the door operation for continual use.

Step 1 – Secure Door

First, stop the door from swinging back and forth while you are working on removing the hinge pin door stop by firmly closing it. If necessary, put a rubber door stopper in place to prevent the door from being opened from the other side.

Step 2 – Remove Hinge Pin Door Stop

The hinge pin door stop should be attached with screws which can be withdrawn with the help of a screwdriver. Slide the hinge pin door stop once the screws have been completely removed.  

Step 3 – Rectification

The next step is to rectify the site by filling the holes left by the removal of the hinge pin door stop. The type of filler you use will depend on the surface, but wood filler should be sufficient as you will be able to paint it to match the rest of the door.