How to Remove a Jammed Deadbolt Lock How to Remove a Jammed Deadbolt Lock

What You'll Need
Normal set of screwdrivers with flat heads and a Philips screwdriver for a cross recess
Pair of needle nosed pliers
Thin knife

When deadbolt lock jam, it presents a tough problem to solve, mainly due to the frustration involved. The main cause of jammed deadbolt locks is someone trying to force them to work. When you remain calm, a lock does not take long to fix.

Step 1:  Access

You need access to the inside of the house to remove the jammed deadbolt lock. If you have to, climb in through the window to gain access to your house or enter through another door if possible. Either way you need to be inside to access the screws holding the lock in place.

Step 2: Remove Screws

The face plate is held on with screws and these need to be removed in order to gain access to the Deadbolt lock. If it was easy to do, burglars would have no trouble entering locked homes. The little manual handle that turns the lock from the inside is what you use to access the interior workings of the deadbolt lock. The manual turning of the lock is situated in the position where you will find the screws. Check which screws you remove and store them in the order that you removed them so they can be returned later. These screws are long and take a fair amount of time to unscrew so take your time and make sure you don’t bend them.

Step 3: Faceplate

The faceplate needs to be removed next. This is how you will gain access to the sections of the inner workings of the deadbolt lock. The insides of these locks have a fair number of parts and they need to be kept in order if you intend to continue using the lock once the jam is repaired. First remove the inside plate. Once that is removed go to the outside of the door and remove that. This one can be slightly different to make sure people can’t gain easy access from the outside. There is a screw or two that kept it in place. Occasionally the outside faceplate is held in position by a small grub screw, which will require removal before the plate will move. You will need to twist the plate to the side slightly before it will come loose. Once this is done, you need to see whether the lock came free with the plate or not. If it didn’t, you need to remove it separately.

Step 4: Un-jamming the Deadbolt Lock

You are now in a position to remove the jam. Place one of the flat head screwdrivers into the shaft and try turning it by hand. It should loosen the jam quite easily from this angle. It is time to remove the sliding bolt mechanism. Open the door towards you and find the lock. Undo the screws and slide the bolt out. You can now replace it and your jammed deadbolt lock saga is over.

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