How to Remove a Kitchen Faucet

What You'll Need
Channel lock
Adjustable wrench
Razor blade

Eventually you’ll have to remove that kitchen faucet. It might be beyond repair or you might decide on a new style. You don’t need to go to the expense of hiring a plumber for this job. It only requires a very basic skill level and tools you’ll already have in the house.

Step 1 - Preparation

You’re going to be working under the kitchen sink to remove the kitchen faucet. That means you’ll need to remove everything from the cabinet under the sink and set it aside. For your own comfort have a told folded several times to hand. This can be good to kneel on or under your back as you work.

Turn off the water to the house and run the kitchen faucet until no more waters comes out. This stops a flow erupting as you take off the kitchen faucet.

Step 2 - Supply Lines

You’ll see where the hot and cold water supply lines join to the lines from the kitchen faucet. You’ll need to loosen the nuts holding there in place. Have a bucket at hand in case there’s any water spillage. Lock your adjustable wrench around the top nut and hold it firm. Take your channel lock (or adjustable pliers) and put the jaws around the lower nut until it’s gripping the nut firmly. Turn the nut counter clockwise with the pliers to loosen it. If the nuts are very tight, use a lubricant like WD-40 on them. Spray on and allow time to penetrate. Repeat for the other water line. Keep going until the nuts have separated.

Step 3 - Sprayer

Most kitchen faucets are equipped with sprayers these days, and you’ll need to remove this before you can take out the kitchen faucet. To do this, loosen the nut where the spray tube joins the sprayer. You’ll now be able to remove the head of the sprayer. Discard this. Follow the tune under the sink to the point it joins the water pipe. There will be another connector nut here. Loosen it with your wrench and remove the tube.

Step 4 - Kitchen Faucet

Now you’ve removed the pipes and tubing you’re reading to remove the kitchen faucet itself. For this final step you’ll need to drawl under the sink and shine your flashlight on the underside of the kitchen faucet.

This will show you what’s holding it in place. There are 2 possible methods. The first uses a plastic nut with a fin that hooks under the countertop. The second will be a metal cap held down by hex nuts. With the former you’ll be able to unscrew by hand. The hex nuts will require adjustable pliers to loosen. When you’ve removed then you’ll be able to pull out the kitchen faucet. If you have some difficulty, rock back and forth as you pull up.