How To Remove A Patio Awning

What You'll Need
Cherry picker
Bungee cords and nylon rope
Support scaffolding

You may decide a patio awning is no longer functional for your home. This is especially common for canvas retractable awnings, but aluminum awnings also show wear by becoming weathered and bent, and wood patio awnings rot. You may also need to remove an awning to do repairs to the home, such as fix gutters, facia boards or painting.

Therefore, you may need to remove a patio awning at some point.

Materials Needed

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Two or more sets of hands
  • Cherry picker
  • Support scaffolding
  • Nylon rope
  • Bungee cords

Step One – Determine Purpose of Removal
If you are removing the awning because it has deteriorated and you intend to demolish it anyway, then it is less important to take care of the materials. Your primary concerns is that the awning avoid damaging someone else or other property when it comes down.

However, if the purpose of your removing the awning is to do repairs and you wish to replace your awning following the repairs, then it requires a different approach.

Step Two – Use Caution With Retractables
If you are removing a retractable awning for repair or replacement, be sure to use particular care. The elements are spring loaded, and can pop at unexpected times.

First remove the frame arms. Store them carefully if you plan to repair and reinstall. Then carefully remove the screws for the awning mechanism itself. Have someone else hold the opposite end from the one you are working on, then switch jobs. Once your end is free, you hold it in place and allow the other person to work on something else.

Step Three – Brace a Permanent Awning
If you wish to have a permanent awning preserved, then the easiest way to remove it is to brace it into place so that you are able to do the repairs you want to do and replace it quickly.

If you remove an awning entirely, such as an aluminum, plastic or wood patio awning, it is likely to get damaged as you remove it. If you keep it put together and only remove it from the house, then you are likely to have it bend or even break as it attempts to rest on the ground.

One option is to rent a cherry picker. They may be more reasonably priced than you imagine. As you unscrew the awing from the house, attach it with bungee cords and nylon rope to the cherry picker. The cherry picker will hold the awning in place as the repairs are completed.

Another option is to build a support scaffolding under the awning and attach it by using bungee cords and nylon ropes extending from the support poles to the scaffolding. You then unscrew the awing from the house, complete the repairs, and screw the awning back in when you are done.

Step Four – Remove the Roof
If bracing the awning will not give you enough room to complete the repairs, the third option is to remove the roof.

Get the help of several people. Undo the awning from the support posts first and have people hold that end of the awning. Then unscrew the awning from the house. Have others at that end to lift the awning off of the supports and carry it to a safe location while repairs are completed.

Removing a patio awning is much less difficult than installing one, but it does require a significant amount of forethought.