How to Remove a Recessed Shower Shelf How to Remove a Recessed Shower Shelf

What You'll Need
Shower kit (from a home improvement store)
3/8-inch or 1/2-inch PVC Pipe
CPVC cement
Tubing cutter
Purple primer
Philips screwdriver
Silicon sealant
Liquid nails
Other tools required for the kit

A recessed shower shelf can be handy, but if you're remodeling, it may not match. Even though removing the recessed shelf can be tricky, but there isn't any reason not to do this. In most cases, a recessed shelf is simply hidden with a new kit wall. It's not usually necessary to fill the recess. Follow these steps to remove the recessed shelf with some basic tools and a few supplies.

Step 1 - Choose a Kit and Remove

First choose a shower kit. It is the easiest way to remodel a bathroom and hide a recessed shelf. If you plan on using tile, you will need to remove the existing tile, fill the recess, and retile the wall. Otherwise, a kit can be used.

Shut off the water to avoid flooding and water damage. The main line is usually located outside. Then remove the walls by peeling them away. Once they are down, you can remove the fixtures such as the faucet, knobs, and shower head. Once you have taken it all down, you can install the new shower.

Step 2 - Installation

Start with the floor and working your way up. Ensure that the surface. If the surface isn't level, you can fill indentations with putty. A level surface is necessary for the kit walls to adhere properly. Locate the drain hole and make sure it is visible and easy to reach. Set the flooring so that it is angled with the drain hole before installation. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the shower head to the water line, then install the faucets and door to the shower.

Step 3 - Finishing the Process

This project is easier if you keep the directions on hand. Ensure that your entire shower is installed correctly. Check for leaks throughout the installation to avoid damage to the shower down the road. Test the water from each faucet and the shower head to make sure everything is tight and secure. Allow the kit to set for at least 24 hours before using.

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