How to Remove a Shower Enclosure

What You'll Need
Directions to install the enclosure to help you find fasteners
Long piece of metal wire
Rubber mallet
Metal chisel
Metal hack saw
Work gloves
Goof-Off adhesive remover
Eye protection

At some point you may want to replace your tub-mounted shower enclosure with its glass doors with a waterproof shower curtain. This process takes some time and care but is easy to do yourself with a helper. Follow the steps below to remove the shower enclosure from your tub top and shower walls.

Step 1: Find Out How the Shower Enclosure is Fastened

Examine the shower enclosure carefully to find out how its frame is fastened to the tiled shower walls, to the crosspiece at the top of the frame and to the long side edge of the tub. Once you know how it is attached, it will be easier to remove it.

Step 2: Remove All the Enclosure Doors

The glass doors are fitted into a wide track at the bottom of the shower enclosure. You should be able to lift them half an inch or so up toward the top crosspiece and slide them out. Have a helper work with you to hold each glass door on both sides. One door may have a mirror on one side and laminate on the other, so be extra careful when removing this door to prevent cracking the mirror panel.

Step 3: Unscrew All Visible Fasteners

If there are visible screws at the top and bottom of the vertical frames, undo them with a suitable screwdriver. Check the top crosspiece corners for clips that may snap into the vertical frame pieces. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the underside of the top crosspiece to lift it off the edge pieces. Move this piece and the doors out of the bathroom before you continue.

Step 4: Tap the Vertical Frame Pieces to Loosen Them

Check for clips on the bottom of the vertical frame pieces that fit into the tub rail. If the frame was assembled this way it will be easy to get the vertical edge pieces out. If these pieces do not loosen when tapped, they are probably screwed in or caulked into place.

Step 5: Remove the Glued and Caulked Frame Pieces

Start at the tub edge to remove the shower enclosure base. Slide a length of wire 2 feet longer than the tub under the lip of the base, so that some wire hangs over at each end. Wearing work gloves, you and your helper can pull back and forth on the wire to slice through the caulking holding the base. Work from the outside edge of the tub toward the inside edge. When you see the frame start to slide, grab it by each end and lift it off the tub edge.

Step 6: Release the Vertical Frame Edges

Work on the fasteners holding the vertical sides of the frame. Unscrew them or tap them with a metal chisel to release the fasteners. If the frame will not come apart any further, cut it into 24-inch pieces with the metal hack saw, and dispose of the pieces safely.