How to Remove a Sink Drain P-Trap

What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Face mask
Bucket to place under the sink drain to prevent spillages
Magnet and strings (in case the object needed to be pulled out is metallic)
Wooden tongs (in case the object is badly stuck inside the p-trap)

Removing a drain p-trap is a relatively simple task. Items such as hair, slime and dirt are likely suspects to get stuck in the sink drain, and can be easily removed by removing the drain P-trap, which is the U-shaped sink drain pipe which collects all items that fall into the sink. Follow the simple steps described below in order to remove a sink drain p-trap.

Step 1 – Close Water Supply

The first and foremost step is that the water supply should be completely closed off to avoid clogging up the sink further and to avoid water loss and spillages. After this is done, it is essential to locate the exact location of the P-Trap underneath the sink, and start unscrewing the nuts.

Step 2 – Removing the P-Trap

Before starting with the removal of the P-trap, it is best to put on your gloves to protect your hands from any contaminated or decayed material that you might come in contact with during the process. Also, wear a face mask. This will prevent any mold spore that might be present in the p-trap from causing a health hazard. Place the bucket below the drain before pulling out the p-trap to capture all the objects that would fall out at a later stage. Now the p-trap must be pulled out making use of the tools mentioned above. Use the wrench to loosen out the p-trap nuts. Loosen them carefully so that the threads of the nuts do not get stuck. After loosening the nuts, unscrew them with your hand. Once the nuts are removed, carefully remove the p-trap while ensuring that the contents do not fall anywhere other than the bucket placed under it.

Step 3 – Empty All Contents of P-Trap

Empty out all the contents of the trap. At this stage, expect all kinds of filth such as hair, slime and dirt to fall out from the trap. This is where the gloves will come in handy. If you are looking for an object that could have fallen into the drain, you should be able to spot it when you empty the contents of the p-trap, but if this is proven to be unsuccessful the next step would be to clean out the p-trap with hot water and soap. This should successfully get rid of all the extra filth in the drain and will help prevent further blockages. Moreover, if the object stuck is of magnetic nature, dangle the magnet on a string and retrieve the item. The above steps should be more than enough to solve the problem of unclogging the drain.