How to Remove a Spa Control Panel

What You'll Need
Spa Control Panel System
Plastic Spatula or Flathead Screwdriver
Bent Hanger
Clean Cloth
2x4 piece of wood

One useful system to regulate and control activities in your bathroom such as pump activation or power modes is a spa control panel. There are a number of kinds of spa control panels that serve several different purposes unique to their design and systems. You may need to remove a spa control panel if it damaged and needs to be replaced or if you want to check for any faulty wirings. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to remove a spa control panel.

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

Before doing anything, you must first shut off the power source of your spa control panel. This is located at the GFCI. This step is absolutely necessary as it prevents any unwanted accidents or electrocutions when you start to remove your spa control panel for repairs.

Step 2: Break the Silicone Mounting Seal

Use a plastic spatula and place this at the perimeter of the spa control panel. Slide the spatula around in order to break the silicone mounting seal of the spa control panel. If this does not easily occur, you can use a large flathead screwdriver. To prevent scratches or cracks, use a towel between the screwdriver and the silicone. When you have successfully broken through the silicone mounting seal, you can now lift the panel from the installation area of the spa control panel.

Step 3: Unplug Upper Control Connector

Make sure that the power source is still off. Locate the Upper Control connector from the PC board of your spa control panel. The location of this device depends on the design of your unit, so be sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual. Once unplugged, you can install the new Upper Control Panel and turn the power back on to start up the spa system.

Step 4: Remove Old Silicone

Use the spatula to remove the old silicone from the panel trough area. The installation of the new panel must be clean for it to seal properly and prevent dripping.

Step 5: New Connector

Place the new connector through the hole. If it does not pass through the hole easily, you can place a bent hanger from under and pull the new connector through the hole. Remove the paper liner located at the back. Apply a 3/8-inch diameter of silicone on the new panel.

Step 6: Press New Panel

Press the new panel and return the cable onto the PC Board where it was disconnected from. Press it so that it is securely in place and create a brand new seal on your panel. Use a clean cloth to remove excess silicone.

Step 7: Turn On Power

Turn the power of the GFCI back on. Place a 2x4 in between the shell and the spa cover. Leave the wood there for around 24 hours to allow the silicone to completely seal.