How to Remove a Spark Plug Boot

Changing your spark plug wires begins with removing the spark plug boot from the distributor cap. Different models, years and makes of cars may have spark plug wire boots secured in various ways.

Tools and  Materials Needed

  • Spark plug pliers
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Soft cotton rags
  • Standard screwdrivers in long and short lengths

Step 1-Locate Spark Plug Boot

Find your spark plug wire. Some cars wires are internal, but most are external. Each end of the wire will have a spark plug boot. One end will be seated on a spark plug, the other on the distributor cap.

Step 2-Break Seal

Spark plug boots create a seal once they are installed. Grasp the boot, not the wire, and wiggle or twist the boot slightly to break the seal before pulling the boot off. Some cars have plastic clips on the inside of the distributor cap (Chrysler 1980 and up) that must be released by squeezing the clips together with a set of pliers after removing the distributor cap.

Step 3-Pull Spark Plug Boot Off

Once the seal has been broken, and clips, if any have been removed, remove the spark plug boot itself by grasping the boot firmly with your fingers or a spark plug plier and pulling straight off the plug or distributor cap.