How To Remove A Swing Set

While your swing set may provide many years of entertainment, a time will come when you need to take it down. This can be because of several different reasons.

  • It has been damaged due to weather.
  • The kids have outgrown it and need a larger model.
  • You are moving or otherwise renovating your landscape.
  • The swing set is several years old and is now unsafe to use.
  • The kids are too old to use it any longer.

There are several different steps involved in removing a swing set from your yard.

Where Can You Take It?

Before you begin, you must know where you can dispose of your discarded swing set. This will depend on the material from which the set is constructed.

  • Metal Swing Set - Find a landfill, junk yard or recycling center that will take your metal parts. Many towns have a dedicated area for metals to be recycled. Research the regulations and policies in your town. You may even find that your community offers a service to pick up discarded parts.
  • Wooden Swing Set - Cut the frame into small pieces. You can use them as firewood or dispose of them in a landfill. Alternatively, keep the pieces at length and sell them to a scavenger operation that reclaims wood for use in new construction.

Disassemble the Swing Set

The next step is taking apart the swing set. You might need different types of tools for this operation depending on the type of structure. Most of the time you will need;

  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Cordless drill

Start with the Swings

When taking apart a swing set, it is best to start with the actual play parts. Remove the swings, the slide, the monkey bars and anything else that is used to swing, slide or climb. Keep all bolts, washers, nuts, screws and other fasteners somewhere safe.

Take Apart The Structure

After the other parts of the swing set are removed, you can then begin taking apart the frame of the swing set. Moving from one end to the other, remove the bolts and move the pieces out of the area.

Make sure to move all poles and timbers away from your work site immediately. These cumbersome objects can cause you to trip and fall, and many have sharp edges that can cut you.

Load on Truck or Flat Bed Trailer

Once you have disassembled the swing set, load the pieces onto a truck or flat trailer. Make sure you lay all pieces down evenly so that they don't shift or roll during transport. Tie down with sturdy ropes or straps and take to the place of their disposal.