How to Remove a Sycamore Tree from Your Yard

What You'll Need
Chain Saw
Pole Saw
Stump Grinder

Removing a Sycamore tree is usually needed after the tree has died from disease or weather damage. This can be done very easy with the right tools, but the removal will require a great deal of attention and safety. A Sycamore tree can grow to great heights, towering over your landscape so make sure that before you start removing the tree,  you take the necessary safety precautions.

Step One - Clear Off Limbs

Before you cut the tree down with a chainsaw, you need to take a minute to check the surrounding area. The safest way to remove a Sycamore tree is to start at the beginning and cut off the limbs while working your way down. This may require the use of a bucket truck to be able to reach the very top. Or, you can use a pole saw if the tree is not that large. A pole saw is a chain saw that is located at the top of a long pole. Handling this type of saw will require that you have a large open area in case you lose control of it.

Step Two - Take Down in Sections

Once the limbs have been taken off you can begin cutting the tree down in sections. Removing the tree in sections makes the removal of your tree much safer and easier. Use your chain saw and remove sections from the top down. Again, making sure the surrounding area is clear and safe.

Step Three - Cut Down Tree

If you have a large open area that can handle the length of the entire tree, you can then cut the tree down from the bottom. Make sure there are no power lines in the way, and that your house is not going to be in the fall down area. Once the tree is down then you can cut it into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Step Four - Load Onto Truck

Use a Bobcat with a bucket attached to it and load up the wood that is cut into manageable lengths into it. You can then dump into the bed of a truck or haul into the woods for composting.

Step Five - Remove Stump

The hardest part of removing the Sycamore tree is the removal of the stump. You can dig it out with a shovel and pry it up with a crow bar, but it will require a lot of work. One of the easiest ways is to use a stump grinder. You can rent one from a local rental center and they are simple to use. It will grind up the stump so you can easily remove the debris.

Step Six - Fill In Hole

To bring a level surface to your lawn, and continuity to your yard, fill in the hole left over by the removal of the stump. Fill with soil and organic materials.