How to Remove a Tile Shower

What You'll Need
Heat gun
Adjustable wrench
Homeowners may need to remove a tile shower  for any number of reasons. You may need to replace old pipes, which requires ripping out tile to access the plumbing. Or you may be undergoing a remodel in which the tile will be replaced by a more contemporary looking material. No matter what your reasons for removing your tile shower, you can do this and make your shower look better.

Step 1 – Removing Fixtures

Depending on the things that your tile shower has like pipes, faucets and tub spout, you need to remove all these things first. Use a bucket or a container to hold these things together so you will not lose them. You can remove these by using an adjustable wrench.

Step 2 – Removing All Handles

You need to remove the faucet handles and anything that comes in the way of you working directly with the tile. Remove the handles by popping the caps of the handles with the tip of a screw driver, and unscrewing the screw that keeps that is covering the faucet.

Step 3 – Preparing the Tile Space

A note before you start taking off the tile, if you need to re use the same tile, do not go crazy and use a hammer to break the tile. You need to water the tile to make the mortar softer.

Step 5 – Removing the Grout

There are many times that you can remove the shower tile by removing the grout from the tile. The grout will come out if you use a utility knife. Cut at the grout with the utility knife and take away the grout.

Step 6 – Cleaning the Grout

You can use a clean rag with some water to clean off the excess grout. Vacuum the rest of the grout and make sure to level the floor.

Step 7 – Taking off the Tile

You can get a chisel and hammer and slowly hit the mortar in between the tiles. Then you can remove all the mortar from all the sides of the tile, then with a utility knife, you need to lift the tile off. In the event that you do not feel comfortable using a regular hammer and a chisel to do this job, you can actually rent a power chipping hammer from your local hardware store and you can remove the shower tile easily.

Step 8 – Chipping off the Tile

With your power chipping hammer you can start by chipping the sides of the tile and then you can chip under the tile. Make sure to start chipping away a lose tile or start by one corner first.

Step 9 – Put tiles into water

There is gypsum backing that is in the back of the tiles. This gypsum backing can come off from the tile if you put the tiles into warm water.