How to Remove a Wall Door Stop

What You'll Need
Working gloves

A solid or a flexible wall door stop can help prevent your doorknob from hitting the wall behind the door and causing damage. Most types of wall door stops are inexpensive and easy to install or remove. To remove a wall door stop, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Close the Door Firm

Before you start working on the wall directly behind your door, lock the door first to prevent people hitting you when they open the door.

Step 2 – Unscrew the Door Stop

If you have a solid door stop, remove the doorstop by removing the screws that are holding the door stop in place. Some types of solid door stops use small head screws which can get a rusty especially when exposed to moist. If the screws on your door stop are badly corroded and would not budge when you try to loose it, put some lemon or lubricant on the screws to help loosen the corrosion. Tap the screws with the head of the screwdriver several times to help loosen the corrosion. Loosen all the screws that are holding the door stop in place. Follow the same procedure when removing flexible or magnetic door stops.