How to Remove a Walnut Tree from Your Yard

What You'll Need
Chain saw
Tree saw
Stump remover
Safety glasses
Rappelling harness
Climbing helmet

If you need to remove a walnut tree from your yard due to disease or relandscaping priorities, here are a few steps to help you accomplish this task. Walnut trees that are mature can grow to between 30 to 130 feet. When removing a walnut tree, special care and attention to safety must be taken to avoid injury or even death from occurring.

If you wish to engage in this task instead of hiring a qualified tree removal service, have someone assist you in order to spot your climb and provide an additional level of safety during the removal process.

Step 1: Prepare the Safety Harness

Given the height of a walnut tree, you will need to climb to the top to trim and remove branches and the treetop before sawing the tree base.  In order to remain safe during the process, put on a rappelling harness, safety glasses, gloves and a helmet. Do not take shortcuts to safety. It is very important that you observe safe climbing rules and only do what is comfortable to you.

With assistance, position the ladder against the tree and climb onto the tree.  As you climb, you will need to affix the safety room to the trunk of the tree using carabiners similar to the one used in mountain climbing.  You will need to work carefully as you ascend the tree, attaching the carabiners and running the rope as an added safety precaution.

Step 2: Trim Tree Branches

Using the handheld tree saw, carefully remove the branches from the walnut tree.  Begin by sawing the branches at the trunk and allowing them to fall clear to the ground.  Be sure the aim the branches toward any clearing on the ground and avoid having branches fall toward your assistant or any obstruction, such as the house, roof or any power lines.

Step 3: Remove the Upper Trunk

Continue using the tree saw to remove the upper portion of the tree. This will make it easier to fell the tree from the bottom. As you work down the trunk, you may need the chainsaw to remove thicker portions of the upper tree trunk. Be extremely careful when working with a chain saw to avoid injury.

Step 4: Saw the Tree Base

Once you have removed the upper and middle section of the oak tree, descend the tree and stack the trunk and branches to the side. Remove the ladder and climbing gear used to ascend the tree and begin sawing the tree at its base.

When the tree has been completely sawed to its stump, cut the trunk and branches into smaller pieces for removal. If you have access to a wood chipper, feed the pieces of the tree carefully through the chipper.

Use a stump remover to pull the tree’s stump from the ground and complete the removal of your walnut tree.