How to Remove a Wood Fence

What You'll Need

A wood fence is wonderful to give privacy to you property. It won’t last forever, however. The time will come when it’s necessary to remove that wood fence and replace it. Removing a wood fence isn’t a complex job but it does take plenty of labor. Be prepared for some back-breaking work!

Step 1 - Fencing

To remove the fencing and reduce everything to a frame, use your hammer on each piece of fencing, first to know the wood away from the frame, then use the claw end to pull out the nails. Stack the pieces of fence. Once you’ve finished you’ll be left with horizontal pieces of wood and the vertical fence posts.

Step 2 - Horizontal Wood

To take out the horizontal pieces of wood from the fence posts you’ll need to use the hammer again. Knock each piece free of the fence post. After you’ve remove the lumber, pull the nails out of them with the claw end of the hammer. Removing the nails from wood makes reusing the wood much easier and also eliminates the possibility of someone accidentally stepping on a nail and injuring themselves.

Step 3 - Posts In Dirt

If the fence posts are just buried in the dirt, removal is relative simple. Start by removing the earth around each of the fence posts. About 12 inches about ground level, drive heavy nails into each side of the fence post.

Stacks some brick into a pile close to the fence post and lay a piece of heavy lumber over the top of the bricks. Now wrap and knot some thick rope around the fence post under the nails. Tie the other end of the rope to the lumber on the far side of the brocks. The lumber will acts as a lever. Press down on the lumber. It will take several attempts but you will gradually force the fence post from the ground to the point where you can life it out. Remove the rope and the nails from the fence post.

Step 4 - Posts In Concrete

Where the fence posts have been buried in concrete you’ll face a larger challenge. You should once again put nails in the fence posts. From here use the shovel to clear dirt from around each fence posts. After this, take the mattock and dig down, going as deep as the concrete in the ground. Try to use the mattock to dig under it.

Make your pile of bricks and take the lumber to lay over it as a lever. Tie one end of the rope to the fence post under the nails and the other end to the wood lever. Pull on the lever. You’ll need to exert some strength and try a number of times to loosen the fence post. Keep working until the fence post comes loose and then lift out of the ground. Remove the rope and the nails and then knock off the concrete.