How to Remove Acrylic Paint

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • $60-100
What You'll Need
Wet Vacuum
White Vinegar
Laundry Detergent

Acrylic paint is something that can be very frustrating to remove. However, if you have the right equipment and a little bit of patience, you will have no problem getting acrylic paint off of just about any material that you may come across.

Step 1 - Clothing and Fabrics

bottle of vinegar

The first thing that you are going to have to do is get the proper ingredients mixed together. Mix the salt, white vinegar, and ammonia together. They can go into a bowl or a spray bottle. Which you choose will depend heavily on what it is that you are working on and what will work best for it. Use your sponge and work your solution into the paint covered material. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly before you begin again. You will then need to repeat this until the paint is gone. Once you have removed the paint, simply wash the item as you normally would.

Step 2 - Water

If you are concerned that the solution will harm the material or bleach it in any way, then you can simply water it down. You will need to mix a ratio of 3:1 with your water. Once you have watered it down, you will need to let the item soak for a few hours before you attempt to scrub or rinse it.

Step 3 - Carpet

lavender paint on grey carpet

If you happen to spill any acrylic paint onto your floor, then it is best to get it while it is still wet. If you are able to get it before it dries, you will need to get your wet vacuum and suck up as much of the paint as possible. Once you have done this, cover the area with water and laundry detergent. Look to see if there are any spots that need to be scrubbed. If there are, then do so immediately. Once you have gotten the area cleaned up, get your wet vacuum back out and suck up all of the water that is left over. Make sure that you set fans over the carpet so that it is able to dry quickly. If the paint has had the chance to dry, then you will do the same thing only you will let the water and laundry detergent soak for a few hours before you scrub or vacuuming it up.

Step 4 - Everything Else

Whenever you get acrylic paint on an area that is not very sensitive, then there are several different products that you can use that will do the trick for you. These are surfaces such as brick, concrete or stucco. Just plain acetone is a good way to remove acrylic paint or look for commercial products such as Goof Off at your home improvement store.