How to Remove Adhesive from Chrome: 6 Tips How to Remove Adhesive from Chrome: 6 Tips

Bumper sticker or other adhesives can be an eyesore when attached to chrome and its becomes a pain to remove adhesive from it. It can also at times be difficult to remove them. The sun tends to cook the adhesive on and, even when you try to remove the adhesive, sometimes there is still a ghostly image of the sticker stuck in place. These tips should help you to remove the adhesive from your chrome and even the ghostly image.

Tip 1 - Water

Sometimes, if you are very lucky, simply soaking the sticker in water will remove it. This does not work for most actual bumper stickers but only for those stickers your child may have applied when your back was turned. Lucky for parents most of the stickers made for children have water-based adhesive.

Tip 2 - Vinegar

Vinegar will work well to remove adhesive from some stickers as long as the sticker is not too old. Vinegar works best for removing the glue from newer items.

Tip 3 - Razor

A razor is really not the best choice because if you are not careful you can scratch your chrome quite badly. But it is an option. A razor however will not actually remove adhesive very well.

Tip 4 - Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol works very well for removing adhesive. Rubbing alcohol seems to make even stubborn adhesives melt away.

Tip 5 - WD-40

WD-40 works for really stubborn adhesive but will leave a bit of a slippery residue that should be cleaned off as it may stain your chrome.

Tip 6 - Gasoline

Gasoline will remove any adhesive you can think of. The disadvantage of using it however that is it melts the adhesive and turns it into a liquid form that you must wipe off.  It also evaporates quickly so you need to use a lot of it. The advantage to gasoline is that it will remove even the “ghost” of the sticker from the chrome. Do not get it on the plastic however as it will eat the plastic.


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