How to Remove Adhesive from Linoleum

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What You'll Need
Aluminium foil
Standard clothes iron
Plastic spatula or wide scrapper
Old rags

You only need a few materials and minimal technical skills when you’re learning how to remove adhesive from linoleum. Linoleum is an inexpensive flooring material that is installed on floors using glue or adhesive. During the course of installation, some excess or misplaced adhesive might leak out and if not removed immediately and properly, can harden and leave unsightly marks. Fortunately, if addressed right away, adhesive can easily be removed leaving your linoleum spotless and clean-looking.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Place sheets of newspaper over an area that has excess adhesive showing. Do this little by little, and gradually when you are dealing with a wide area. Next, set your clothes iron to medium heat and go over the affected area repeatedly and quickly. Do not iron an area for a long time as this practice might be counterproductive and the adhesive might stick to the newspaper and iron. Also setting your iron to high heat would not necessarily make the job faster and could actually make matters worse.

Step 2 - Remove the Adhesive

iron producing steam

After going over the area several times, remove the newspaper and check to see if the adhesive is loose enough for easy scraping. If it still has rigid consistency, place new sheets of newspaper on top of it then re-iron until the adhesive is soft enough for removal. Remember to make a quick pass over the affected area and not to linger too long at one spot.

When scraping the adhesive with a spatula or wide scraper, use light pressure as too hard a pressure can damage the linoleum and leave scratches on the surface.

Step 3 - Remove Excess Adhesive

After the excess adhesive has been removed and lifted, use old rags to wipe off the remaining glue. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the excess adhesive has been scraped off.

Step 4 - Lay Lifted Seams

Since the adhesive was removed from the edge of the linoleum, you might see this part partly curled up. To put the part back to its original position, place aluminum foil on top of it then run the clothes iron repeatedly until it straightens back again.

Repeat steps 1-4 for all affected areas.

Step 5 - Clean the Floor

Once you’re done removing all excess adhesive, clean the floor of dirt and other foreign materials with a mop or broom.

You can also use a heat gun when softening excess adhesive. Touch the adhesive with the tip of the gun until it becomes soft enough for removal with a spatula. It is not recommended to use chemicals in removing adhesives as they may contain harsh substances that may damage your linoleum floor.