How to Remove an Alcove Bathtub Part 1

What You'll Need
Drop Cloth
Strainer Wrench
Utility Knife
Flat Pry Bar
Handle Puller
Diamond Fiberglass Blade

An alcove bathtub is a tub that is surrounded by three walls. You may find that when it comes to removing this type of tub, it can be a more difficult task than a standalone type of bathtub. However, with the right tools and the correct amount of know how, you will find that this is a task that is not too difficult.

Step 1 – Measure/Prepare Area

The first thing that you will need to do is get the bathroom both measured as well as prepared. In order to properly prepare the area, you will need to lay down plywood onto the floor and then cover it with a drop cloth. This will fully protect the floor. Make sure that you measure the tub completely as well as the surrounding areas. You will need to ensure that you will be able to get the tub out successfully.

Step 2 – Remove Cover Plate

Inside of the tub, there will be an overflow cover plate. This is the first thing that you will need to remove. There may be a drain assembly that is attached that you will also need to pull out. Look for there to be a mounting bracket that you will need to unscrew to remove. This will allow you to remove the overflow cover plate as well as pull out the drain assembly.

Step 3 – Turn off Water

You will need to make sure that the water has been turned off before you begin. Do this by going to your water shut off valve. If you live in a warm area, typically this can be found outside. However, if you live in a cold area, then you will need to look for this inside of your home, usually in a basement. Turn the valve clockwise until it will turn no more.

Step 4 – Supply Tubes

The faucet to your bathtub will have supply tubes that you will need to cut so that you will be able to successfully remove the tub. These typically cut easily and can be done so with your utility knife.

Step 5 – Removal

In order to successfully get your bathtub removed, you will first need to take out the faucet, showerhead as well as the spout and handles. In order to remove the showerhead, you will need to unscrew the head from your water supply. Look underneath the showerhead for tiny screws that will need to be removed. The showerhead may be able to be removed by hand. For the faucet, you will need to look for two screws that are located along the tub base. Once they have been removed, your faucet and spout will come out easily. A handle puller may be necessary in order to successfully twist off your handles. Whenever the handles are removed, look out for the washers that are behind them, they may be reusable. Set them aside in a safe place in case you will be able to use them again.