How to Remove an Alcove Bathtub Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on how to remove an alcove bathtub, you removed the basics and turned off the water. In Part 2, follow the simple steps below to disconnect the pipes and cut out the tub.

Step 1 – Disconnect Drain

The drain will need to be disconnected before you can begin work on removing your bathtub. Start by unscrewing the 1 to 2 screws in the strainer. Depending on the type of bathtub that you are working with, you may need to pull out the rocker assembly as well as the stopper. Use a strainer wrench to completely remove the drain flange.

Step 2 – Overflow Pipe

To disconnect the waste and overflow pipe, you will need to get into the access panel, which is either beneath or behind your bathtub. There may be a slip nut or screws that need to be loosened, based on the type of bathtub that you have. If there is cemented plastic, then you will have to cut through the wall.

Step 3 – Tub Removal Options

You will have a couple of options on how you wish to remove your bathtub. If you wish to do this by cutting the wall, then use your drywall saw to make cuts. If the wall that you are working on is a plaster wall, then you will need to use a reciprocating saw for this step.

However, if you would rather leave your walls alone, then you can cut the tub in half. This is an option that you will have if your bathtub is made of fiberglass. You will need a fiberglass saw blade for this task.

Step 4a – Through Wall

If you cut through your wall, unscrew or pry out nails or screws that are keeping the tub in place. Use your utility knife to cut through the caulk where the tub is on the floor. From there, use a crowbar so that you will be able to pry the tub away from your back wall. Have a friend help you stand the tub upright and carry it out of the room.

Step 4b – Cut in Half

If you cut the tub in half, use your diamond fiberglass blade to cut down the middle of the bathtub long ways. Make sure to loosen all of the bolts that are holding the bathtub in place. Once you have it in 2 pieces, you can carry them out and cut them into smaller pieces in a well ventilated area. Make sure that you cut the pieces small enough where you will be able to properlydispose of them. This is best done outside with goggles and a mask as fiberglass can easily get breathed in and be dangerous.