How to Remove Antique Maps from Books for Framing How to Remove Antique Maps from Books for Framing

What You'll Need
Craft Knife
Glue dissolve
Wood boards

If you are lucky enough to find a book which contains some antique maps, then you may decide to break up the book in order to display the maps at their best. In order to get the maps out of the book, you need to ensure that you use methods which will not damage the book. There are different methods of removal, depending upon whether you have antique maps which are printed into a book, or ones which have been stuck into a scrapbook. The latter are much more difficult to remove, but you can still do it by following some simple tips.

Step 1 - Remove the Maps from a Printed Book

If your antique maps are part of a printed collection, then the easiest option is simply to divide up the book, and remove the maps whole. Take your book, look at the type of binding that it has. Some older books have the paper stuck together in individual sheets, while more modern books have the pages folded over. In order to remove the map, you will need to cut down the page. Start by opening up the book, and undoing the binding from the middle. The pages should then separate easily enough. You should then take the page with the map, and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2 - Cutting out the Map

Take your ruler, and lay it along the page where the antique maps are. You should be able to divide the page so that the maps are on one half of the paper, and the unwanted page is on the other. Hold the ruler down firmly, and using your craft knife, cut a straight line along the page. You should also remove any writing from below the map using the same methods. You have now extracted the map.

Step 3 - Removing the Map from a Scrap Book

If you have found the antique maps inside a scrap book, then you have a more complicated procedure. Cut out the page of the book which has the maps, and then try and lift up the maps using your craft knife. If there is nothing of interest on the other side of the scrap book, push the knife through that until you have freed the map. You could also try applying glue remover to the other side of the page. This should remove the glue without harming the map.

Step 4 - Completing the Removal

Before you can continue, you need to press down the pages so that they are completely flat. Take your antique maps, and lay them on a flat wooden board. Place another board over the top of the map, and then clamp the two boards together using a pipe clamp. Tighten this until the boards are completely together. You will need four clamps, one for each corner. Leave this overnight, and then check on the maps in the morning.

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