How to Remove Basement Wall Panels

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What You'll Need
Pry bar
Crow bar
Putty knife
Wrecking bar
Safety goggles
Rubber gloves
Spray adhesive remover

You may want to remove basement wall panels for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the panels are damaged, or maybe you are just ready to update the look. Removing your existing wall panels is a relatively easy task that will take only a few hours to complete. Be careful as you will be using heavy equipment, and you want to be certain to operate it with precision. Always use proper tools and handle them with care.

Step 1 - Prepare

Survey the area of the panels that you are planning to remove. Make certain that you remove just paneling. Do not attempt to move a load bearing wall. You don't want to cause any structural damage to your home. Any molding attached to the panels. Remove the molding first and save it to reuse if you are repaneling with new materials. If the floors are finished or have carpet, lay down a tarp as bits of debris will fall during the process.

Step 2 - Begin Removal

Wear your safety goggle, then using a wide chisel, place the blade against the panel and hammer the end. Crack the chisel so that it will jimmy the panels from the wall. It will begin to lift from one side. Repeat this step all the way up one side of the panel until it is completely loose.

Step 3 - Remove the Panel

Using a wrecking bar, remove the wood panel. Use the putty knife to loosen the other side of the panel.

Step 4 - Remove Nails

Use a fine pry bar to remove any attached nails. Then use the wrecking bar to remove the rest of the panels.

Step 5 - Remove Adhesive

You may be left with residual adhesive on the walls after you remove the panels. Properly ventilate the area using the fan and spray adhesive remover over the area. Wait the allotted time for the product to work. Then scrape the adhesive from top to bottom. Clean the area using a wet sponge.

Step 6 - Dry

Use a dry towel to wipe down the wall Aim the fan at the wall for even faster drying.

Step 7 - Sand

Using sandpaper, sand the area until the wall is even and smooth.

Step 8 - Repeat

Repeat the above steps for the rest of the panels in your basement.

Once you have completely removed the panels from your basement walls, you have a blank canvas that you can decorate to your own specifications.