How to Remove Brick Tiles on Your Floor

What You'll Need
Flat head screw driver
Rubber mallet or hammer
Putty knife
Pry bar
Broom and dustpan

Brick tiles that are set up on the floor are very similar to other types of tile floors. In order to install them, the process requires that you lay down a layer of adhesive on the floor and then the bricks, then finish by installing grout in between the bricks, to seal the tiles. Removing a brick tile floor is essentially a process of reversing this installation procedure. It can be done relatively easily, but it does require some strength in order to remove the bricks. Generally, it's most helpful if you have an assistant to help you with the process of removing brick tiles from your floor.

Step 1 -- Crack the Grout

To begin, you'll need to loosen and remove the grout that holds the bricks in place. This can be done by cracking the grout with a screw driver. Beginning in the center of the room, place the head of the screw driver on the grout in between 2 bricks and tap the opposite end of the screw driver with the rubber mallet or hammer. Continue to do this, adding additional force as necessary, until the grout begins to crack.

Step 2 -- Continue the Crack

Once you've started an initial crack, you should then move the head of the screwdriver over 1/4 to 1/2 inch and angle it toward the first crack. Use the mallet to tap the screwdriver again until the crack continues. You should end up with a small chunk of grout that you can remove. Repeat this process until you've removed enough of the grout in order to be able to fit your putty knife under the brick.

Step 3 -- Loosen the Brick

Wedge a putty knife underneath the brick, then wiggle it up and down in order to loosen the brick as best as possible. This will make it easier to remove the brick with the pry bar later on.

Step 4 -- Add the Pry Bar

Wedge the pry bar in underneath the putty knife. Do not remove the putty knife until the pry bar is firmly in place under the brick. Once it is, remove the knife and then wedge the pry bar up in order to remove the brick. This may take some effort; do not be afraid to cause damage to the brick or the surrounding bricks.

Step 5 -- Repeat to Remove Additional Bricks

Repeat this process in order to remove additional bricks. Work outward from the center so that you can wedge the pry bar underneath the successive bricks more easily. When you're through removing the bricks, use the broom and dustpan to clean up any debris that remains. Be sure to dispose of all of the debris in a proper location so that you don't risk breaking the law in your area.