How to Remove Brick Veneer Siding

What You'll Need
Drop cloth or plastic sheets
Carpenters pencil
Safety goggles
Masonry saw
Masonry saw blade
Carpenters level
Dust mask
Chisel (1 inch)
Chisel (3 inch)
Sledge hammer
Square-mouth shovel
Bristle broom
Wheel barrow

Brick veneer siding is considered by many people to be one of the more attractive sidings, but even so, there comes a time when this once-attractive siding must be replaced. Whether because of aging, ordinary wear, or just because the building owner wants to replace it with a newer color or design, this siding must eventually go. When that time comes, if you are the building owner and want to save the cost of hiring a contractor to remove it from your wall, you will need to know how to take your brick veneer siding down. Here are 5 steps that will help you accomplish this.

Step 1 – Prepare for Dust

When your plan is to work on an exterior wall where dust and debris will be flying, prepare to close windows and doors near the work area through which dust can enter into the house. If your plan is to work on an interior wall, make arrangements to contain the dust you'll make. You can use an exhaust fan, and plastic sheeting or a drop cloth to cover things you want to protect from dust.

Step 2 – Mark off your Siding Boundary Lines

If your project objective is to remove only a portion of your brick veneer siding, you'll need to mark of the area off the portion you plan to remove. This way, you'll know where you'll need to cut the line of brick that will separate the brick that will be removed from the brick that will remain. Use a marking pen, a  carpenters level, and a straightedge to draw the boundary lines.

Step 3 – Saw through your Boundary Lines

Using a circular saw with a masonry blade, saw along the boundary lines you've drawn. Be sure you wear your safety goggles. Avoid cutting through the surface to which your siding is attached.

Step 3 – Remove the Unwanted Siding

Begin removing the bricks inside the removal area you've marked off. Start at a top corner brick and work down and across the removal area. Remove each brick by forcing the blade of your chisel under the brick and prying outward. The first brick will be harder to remove because of the difficulty of inserting the chisel blade under it. If necessary, break up this first brick, using your small cold chisel and a hammer. When the first brick is removed, use the larger chisel to pry off the remainder of the bricks.

Step 4 – Finish the Remaining Surface

The wall surface left by removing the bricks will likely have pieces of brick and other debris stuck to it. To smooth the wall surface and remove this debris, use your chisel and hammer. For pieces you can't remove without damaging the wall surface, use your grinder.

Step 5 – Cleanup

Gather brick pieces and debris with your square mouth shovel, deposit them in a wheelbarrow, and move this debris away from the work area.