How to Remove Bugs from a Pool

For water bugs, pool water is an inviting place to gather. The water is generally warm enough to promote growth, and water bugs congregate, waiting for the inevitable organic growth the feeds them. To get rid of water bugs in the pool, there is a simple solution available.

Dish Soap

Use about 3 tbsp. of a liquid dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water. Dish soap breaks down the oils that insects depend on in order to live in water, preventing them from becoming established. For best results, use a soap like Dawn, which is designed for its grease and oil removing properties.

Apply to Groups

In your swimming pool, spray the solution directly on groups of bugs. Mist over the area where the bugs have gathered together first, and then spray around the edges of the pool. It may take several treatments to completely get rid of the bugs, but you should notice diminishing numbers within hours.

Dish Soap Biodegrades

Dish soap makes a great pest control for your pool. It is completely biodegradable, and won't harm people or pets. The fact is, dish soap itself is not toxic, it simply cuts through oil, and most pool pests require oil secretions to survive in water at all.