How to Remove Cabinet Door Pulls

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Small bowl or cup to place pieces

Removing cabinet door pulls is simple, requires only one person, and can be done in just minutes.

Step One - Access Your Hardware

There are two common types of cabinet door pulls—knobs and handles. Both can be removed the same way, however, handles have two screws and knobs only one.

To begin, open the cabinet door and look at the head (top) of screws holding the fixture in place. In the United States, the screw head will most likely be either Phillips (a plus sign) or a flat head (minus sign). Internationally an Allen wrench (octagon) or star wrench might be needed for specialty knobs.

Step Two - Removal

Cabinet door pulls are held on by sandwiching the door between a screw and the fixture. To remove the pull, you need to remove the screw causing the pull to fall off.

Hold the cabinet doorknob in place with one hand while unscrewing the knob with the screwdriver. The knob will want to turn with the screw so hold it firmly in place.

Remember to always place the screw back into the knob and place the combined pieces into a bowl so that nothing is lost.