How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood Furniture

Colorful Candles
What You'll Need
Brown paper
Clothes iron
Lint free cloth

Removing melted candle wax from wood furniture can be done safely without damaging the wood by taking a few precautions. In some cases the set wax will simply flick off with a touch of the finger nail but where the wax has crept into the grain, there are other methods of removal.

Step 1 - Prepare

Plug the clothes iron in but set it to the coolest level. As an example, if you have a silk setting or rayon setting, make sure the iron is on that part of the dial. Turn the steam setting to "off” and pour out any water that remains in the reservoir.

Step 2 - Brown Paper

Place a piece of brown paper (parcel wrapping paper is fine) onto the area where the candle wax dripped.

Step 3 - Iron

steam coming out of an iron

Let the iron heat to the silk or rayon setting and then place the iron onto the brown paper. Leave it for as little time as you need and keep it moving.

Step 4 - Observe the Paper

Lift the iron away from the brown paper after no more than 30 seconds of ironing. You should see some wax blobs appearing on the paper. If there are signs of wax lifting onto the brown paper, replace the iron again and repeat for another 30 seconds. Lift the paper away from the wood and polish the area with regular polish.