How to Remove Carpet Iron Burns How to Remove Carpet Iron Burns

What You'll Need
Matching carpet piece

If you have been unlucky enough to touch your iron to your carpet, then you may be facing carpet iron burns. Sometimes during ironing, the device can fall onto the carpet, and even in the small time that it takes to pick it back up, your carpet will be singed and marked. Below are two steps to take to remove that singed mark.

Step 1 - Cutting out the Damage

For most carpet iron burns, the simplest solution is simply to cut them out. Trim your carpet so that the burn marks are removed. By only cutting a little bit off of the carpet, you should be able to avoid serious effects in the carpet. Begin by sanding down the carpet, and then trim off any burnt fibers using your scissors. Run a comb through the carpet to remove any remaining fibers, and allow the cut pieces to mingle into the undamaged carpet

Step 2 - Remove and Replace

If you still have a mark on your carpet, then you will need to replace it. Do this by cutting away the carpet iron burn with your scissors, and then place the new piece on top. Comb to mingle the old and new fibers.

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