How to Remove Carpet Seam Tape without Damage

What You'll Need
Adhesive removing solution
Putty knife
Vacuum cleaner
Trash bag
Face mask
Working gloves

Using a carpet seam tape is relatively easy, but removing without causing damage can be a challenge. Most types of carpet seam tapes have strong adhesive properties, so they can be a bit tough to remove. To help you remove stubborn carpet adhesives, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Put on Protective Mask and Gloves

Before you start working with your carpet, put on your protective face mask and working gloves. You need these to protect you from the dust and grime hiding underneath your carpet.

Step 2- Apply the Adhesive Remover

Using your putty knife, apply a little amount of adhesive remover on a portion of the carpet seam tape, then let it stand for a few minutes. Once the adhesive has softened, peel off the tape careful, then use your putty knife to gently scrape off the remaining adhesive on the floor. Take care not to damage your floor or your carpet in the process. Repeat this process until you have removed all the carpet seam tapes.

Step 3 – Clean Off the Area

Put all your trash in the trash bag and use a vacuum cleaner to clean off dust and grime that may be hiding under your carpet.