How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Smells from Furniture

What You'll Need
Sandalwood Incense
Vanilla Scented Candles
Odor Removing Spray
Natural Household Products

Nothing more noxious than the odor of stale cigarette smoke emanating from furniture. Wood furniture, in particular, tends to hold on to cigarette smoke smells for months, irritating home occupants and visitors. Cigarette smoke, besides being a nasal irritant, is also a health hazard and causes a multitude of respiratory infections. Don't get discouraged if recently purchased furniture now reeks of cigarette smoke. With the right products and ample patience, you can remove even the most persistent of cigarette odors from a range of furniture.

Step 1-Let in Fresh Air

Air out the furniture by letting in fresh air. Open all windows and doors to allow clean oxygen to ventilate within a room and clear out all noxious odors. Not only will this effectively reduce cigarette smoke smells emanating from furniture, but it will also get rid of all fresh cigarette smells while they linger. Switch on a wall or pedestal fan to quicken the process.

Step 2-Burn Incense and Scented Candles

Burn sandalwood incense to remove cigarette smoke smells from furniture. Overpowering incense fumes are readily absorbed by furniture, concealing cigarette smells. Burn a vanilla scented candle and place it in close proximity to the furniture. Burn multiple scented candles for at least a few hours to remove cigarette smells. These, however, are viable short-term masking solutions and will not permanently remove persistent cigarette smoke smells.

Step 3-Use an Odor Removing Spray

Use an odor removing spray to deodorize furniture. There are dozens available in the market, not all of which are suitable for use on furniture. Read the labels and try out a few before selecting the most appropriate. Essential oil disinfecting sprays are a safe choice for removing a range of odors from furniture, upholstery and even carpets. They are made from various essential oils including lavender oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and orange oil. Spray a minute quantity over furniture to negate the effect of cigarette smoke smell. This will replace foul cigarette odors with a pleasant infusion of natural oils.

Step 4-Mask the Odors with Natural Answers

You can use a range of natural products to mask cigarette smoke smells trapped within furniture. Some natural solutions include using vinegar, vanilla extract, baking soda, coffee, garlic, onions, charcoal, cloves and cinnamon. Put small amounts in containers and set them close to or under smelly furniture. While some of these substances may give off undesirable fumes themselves, they will effectively surround and neutralize the bothersome cigarette smoke smells from furniture. Air out the area appropriately after 2 to 3 hours.

Step 5-Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

If all else fails, hire a professional cleaning service to permanently eliminate cigarette smoke odors. This will be more expensive than the earlier mentioned techniques but will prove a practical, long-term solution. Browse classified ads or conduct an Internet search to locate professional cleaners offering the services you require. Compare their rates and reviews before making a decision.