How to Remove Concrete Countertops for Kitchen Remodel

When removing concrete countertops, in a kitchen, you will have to be careful not to damage the cabinets under it unless you plan to replace them as well. How you remove a concrete countertop also depends on the type of base and joints underneath. If the counter top is secured with screws and bearers, it will be easy to remove. The following is the procedure to remove a concrete counter top that is secured with screws and bearers.

Step 1 – Remove Items from the Floor Cupboard

Take out all the things, cups, plates, pots, food cans, glasses, spoons out of the cupboard and place them in a pantry or in another cupboard.

Step 2 – Take out the Sink

Take out the sink. Remove the screws under the lips at the bottom of the sink including any sealing compounds between the joints. This should loosen up the sink. Remove the built-in stove top if there is one. Remove the screws from the bearers and gently lift out the stove top. You must also remove any fixtures that are attached to the counter top. Remove drawers from the floor cupboard and put them aside.

Step 3 – Trace the Holes

Take a template or tracing paper and place it over the sink. Trace the holes using a marker by drawing lines around the penetrations. Cut out the shape of the holes and store them for later use. This is necessary if you want to re-use the old sink and fittings in your kitchen remodeling project.

Step 4 – Remove the Screws

Light up the room and open the floor cupboard doors. Locate the screws or bolts and nuts that under the countertop. Remove the screws along the bearers at the corners and at the top rails running along the internal perimeter of the cupboard. Take out the screws around the sink hole and above the drawer slots. If the concrete top is held by bolts and nuts, use pliers to unscrew the nuts.

Step 5 – Remove the Caulk

Take a knife and scrap away the sealing compounds between the joints where the concrete slab and cupboard meet. Cut out the silicone, putty, acrylic or beads along the joints. Remove the sealing compounds where the countertop meets the wall.

Step 6 – Lift out The Concrete Top

Get a team of four people to lift out the concrete top. Each person must hold the concrete top at the corner. Firmly hold the concrete top and place it outside the house, in a garage or back yard.