How to Remove Construction Adhesive from Drywall

What You'll Need
Clean rag
Adhesive remover
Metal putty knife
Drywall knife
100 grit sandpaper block
Patching compound

Construction adhesive is used for many jobs during construction and restoration. This special adhesive is formulated to last nearly forever. This can be a great hassle if you wind up with construction adhesive on drywall. If it gets on wood, brick or concrete is can be removed fairly easily with some patience. Drywall is a whole different story as it can easily be damaged. Drywall is made out of a mixture of pressed gypsum which is essentially stone. It is then covered with paper on both sides. Removing construction adhesive from drywall can cause the drywall to become damaged. The paper can rip and holes can be made and even gouges can form in the drywall. The information below will walk you through how to remove construction adhesive from drywall and how to repair the drywall if not too terribly damaged.

Step 1 – Wet Construction Adhesive

If the construction adhesive is caught before it has time to dry you can remove it easily. Once the adhesive sets it becomes much harder to remove. Dip a sponge in warm water and wring out the excess so that the sponge is damp. Wipe the construction adhesive off of the drywall. Use a little pressure and scrub the area if you need to in order to remove the adhesive. Once it is removed; use the rag and wipe the drywall down to dry it. Never let the water sit on the drywall or it can damage it.

Step 2 – Adhesive Remover

When the construction adhesive has already dried on the drywall you cannot scrape it off. If you take this route you will gouge the drywall. Using adhesive remover is the best way to dissolve and loosen the bond between the adhesive and the drywall. There are many kinds of these removers including those that are citrus-based, solvent-based and soy-based. You may also try mineral spirits. Read the label of the adhesive remover you purchased and follow the instructions. Apply the remover to the construction adhesive and let it sit for several minutes (or how long the instructions recommend).

Step 3 – Remove the Adhesive

Prior to resorting to scraping, which should be a last resort, use a clean rag to wipe the drywall down. If the adhesive remover has done its job; this will remove the adhesive. If the construction adhesive is not fully wiped away use the metal putty knife to very gently scrap it off of the drywall. You will have to work quickly before the adhesive sets again.

Step 4 – Repair

If you have accidentally damaged the drywall you will be able to repair it. Use the drywall knife and apply repair compound to the damaged areas. Spread it over the drywall until the compound fills the damaged area and is spread over the drywall so that the edges are very thin. After the compound has dried; use a sanding block to sand it down until the compound is flush to the drywall.