How to Remove Corrosion from an Air Conditionary Capillary Tube How to Remove Corrosion from an Air Conditionary Capillary Tube

What You'll Need
Fine-grit wet and dry sandpaper
Mineral spirits
Clean rags

A capillary tube is literally a small tube inside the air conditioner that typically serpentines through it. Liquid is sent through the capillary tube and is cooled as it does so. The fan then blows the cool air out of the air conditioner. Age and moisture can cause corrosion to form on the capillary tube which will cause it to rust and fail. This article will explain how to remove the corrosion.

Step 1 – Wipe Down

Use some clean rags to wipe down the capillary tube. Remove as much dirt and grime as possible. This will allow you to see all the areas of corrosion more clearly.

Step 2 – Sand it Down

Removing corrosion on a capillary tube can be tricky because it coils. Use sandpaper dipped in mineral spirits and then begin sanding the capillary tube. Concentrate on the areas that actually have signs of corrosion but do not attempt to polish the capillary tube. Continue until the tube is smooth and signs of the discoloration is gone.

Step 3 – Second Wipe Down

Dip a rag in mineral spirits and wipe down the capillary tube to remove the debris you created during sanding. Allow the tube to dry before running the air conditioner.

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