How to Remove Epoxy Coating from a Garage Floor

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Stiff Metal or Plastic Scraper
Lacquer, Paint Thinner, Epoxy Remover (Acetone) or Alcohol
Garden Hose

Removing an epoxy coating from a garage floor is a labor-intensive process. It will involve hours of scrapping the epoxy with a metal or plastic scraper to remove as much of the materials as possible. Once you scrape the floor with the metal or plastic scraper, you will need to apply a solvent, such as lacquer or acetone to remove the remaining coating.

You may need to remove an epoxy coating from a garage floor in the case where the epoxy coating was improperly applied or it is old and flaking on its own. This article will discuss the step-by-step process and tool and materials needed to remove the epoxy coating from a garage floor.

If you intend to place a new epoxy coat on the same garage floor, remove as much of the old epoxy as you can, understanding that you may not possibly remove all of the material. Enlisting additional help in scraping the floor will help tremendously in removing the epoxy coating from your garage floor.

Step 1: Acquire Materials Needed to Remove the Epoxy Coating

Purchase the materials needed to remove the epoxy coating from the garage floor. The two essential tools needed for this project are a scraper (metal is preferred over a plastic scraper) and some type of solvent needed to pull up the loosened epoxy on the garage floor.

Step 2: Remove Items from the Garage

Remove all items from the garage and make sure that it is cleared. Sweep the floor up to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated before you begin.

Step 3: Scrape the Garage Floor

If it is possible, organize a small group of friends to assist you in the process of scraping the floor with the metal scrapers. The more people that you can enlist in this project, the easier it will be to complete. With the friends, get down on your knees and begin scraping the floor. You will find this process slow and tedious, but unfortunately necessary in order to remove the epoxy coating from the garage floor. Work as methodically as you can to remove as much of the epoxy coating possible.

Step 4: Apply Solvent to the Garage Floor

After you finish scraping as much of the floor as you can, you need to pour solvent such as lacquer, paint thinner or acetone to remove additional amounts of epoxy coating. The scraping will allow the solvent to penetrate the epoxy coating and make it easier to continue scraping. With the solvent applied. Go back to scraping the floor to remove the remaining amounts of epoxy coating.

WARNING: Adequate ventilation should be utilized when working indoors with petroleum-based solvents. Keep these and all chemicals well out of the reach of children and pets.

Step 5: Hose the Floor with Water

Use a garden hose to wash off the floor with water when you finish with all of the scrapings. This will remove the remaining epoxy coating and allow you to work with the concrete to reapply the epoxy coat.