How to Remove Faux Wood Blinds

A window with faux wood blinds.
What You'll Need
Philips head screwdriver

Many people decorate their homes with faux wood blinds as their window treatment of choice. While these faux wood blinds are great for adding character and a touch of luxury, there are times when you, as the homeowner, want to change things a little. Removing the faux wood blinds is a simple process which can be done in a few minutes and with basic hand tools.

Step 1 - Open Blinds

Before you take them off, and to make the blinds easier to handle, you should open them all the way.

Step 2 - Remove Blinds from Supports

On each side of your window will be simple supports that hold up the upper portion of the faux wood blinds. The blinds themselves will either be kept in the supports by a tab or a locking mechanism. Depress the tab in order to slide the body of the blind out of the supports.

Step 3 - Remove Supports

The faux wood blind supports are driven in place by two to three Philips head screws. To remove them, use a Philips screwdriver and turn in a counterclockwise motion. This will retreat the screw out of the hole so you can remove the support. Do this to both sides of the window.

Step 4 - Remove Center Support

There are times when there is a center support for wider windows. To remove this section you will need to use your screwdriver and unscrew the two screws.