How to Remove Fingerprints from Stained Kitchen Cabinets

What You'll Need
Mild detergent
Wood oil soap
Cleaning eraser
Lemon oil

When cleaning stained kitchen cabinets, always remember that the longer you wait before doing it, the harder it becomes. Among the things that can tarnish the looks of a stained surface are fingerprints that accumulate on it through everyday use. However, fingerprints can be removed along with other dirt and grimes that sticks on the stained cabinet surface.

Step 1 – Preparing the Cleaning Solution

Make a solution that is composed of a mild soap and warm water in a bucket or bowl. Use the mixture to scrub the cabinet with a rag or sponge, in removing dust and dirt that may have accumulated on the cabinet.  

Step 2 – Using Lemon Oil

Get another bucket of warm water and add some lemon oil in it. The solution would be a little stronger that the soap solution, which should be enough to remove any remaining dirt and grime especially on around the cabinet knobs and handles.

Step 3 – Cleaning and Protecting the Wood

Oil soap is excellent for cleaning wood. It should be used with warm water in maintaining the looks of your cabinet. The soap has the ability to protect and clean the material of the cabinet without harming the stain finish.

Step 4 – Cleaning Smudges and Fingerprints off the Surface

To remove smudges and fingerprints that is on the surface of your cabinets; use your eraser type cleaner. The cleaner is also great for touch ups and in between general cleanings.