How to Remove Glue from a Wood Table

What You'll Need
Fine Sandpaper
Glue Removing Agent
Soft Towel

The following article will help teach you how to remove glue from a wood table. A wood table, especially if it’s a working table, is usually ravaged by glue spots. Removing glue from a wood table is easy using the following materials and steps.

Step 1-Use Sandpaper

Use fine sandpaper to remove as much glue as you can on your wood table. Grind the sandpaper starting from the wood portion and into the glue area. Grind in a circular motion.

Step 2-Apply Glue Removing Agent

Apply a glue removing agent on the glue area of your wood table. A glue removing agent is a solution that effectively removes glue from any surface including wood. Glue removing agents are available for purchase at your local home improvement depot. Apply ample amounts of glue on the problem areas and wait for 5 minutes to allow the glue removing agent to do its work.

Step 3-Clean the Problem Areas

After applying and allowing the glue removing agent to dry, wipe the problem areas using a soft towel. You may have to repeat steps 1 to 3 to remove any stubborn glue remains on your wood table.