How to Remove Glue Stains on Bamboo Flooring

What You'll Need
Rubber Gloves
Boiling Hot Water
Hairdryer or Heater
Very Fine Sandpaper

Removing glue stains from bamboo flooring can be tricky if the glue isn't water based. Once the glue has dried, it is much harder to remove and can leave behind permanent damage. Water based glue should come off easily, but other glues will require much more care.

Water Based Glue

Although it's tempting to peel off water based glue, it's not recommended. By doing this, some of the varnish could come off right along with it. Softening water based glue first will aid in its removal and is safer for the floor.


  1. Soak a piece of toweling in boiling hot water. Using gloves, wring out well.
  2. Lay the toweling over the glue and press down into the glue. Leave for a few minutes.
  3. Soak the toweling again and wring out.
  4. Vigorously rub the toweling over the glue, rinsing as excess is lifted.
  5. Repeat until all the glue is gone.
  6. Dry floor with a hairdryer or heater.

Acrylic and Resin Based Glue

Chemical solutions can be used to remove glue but these methods should only be executed by professionals. Chemical removers can cause glue to spread, and some will soften the varnish. Sanding is easier to control and is a less expensive option.


  1. Sand the glue down as flat as possible.
  2. Glue usually dries clear so there shouldn't be any residual stain left behind once the area has been sanded.
  3. If during the process of sanding varnish is removed, the spot will need to be patched.