How to Remove Gummed Tape

If you have gummed tape sticking to wood, metal or glass, it can be annoying and can be messy to remove. Yet, there are a few ways to remove it with a bit less trouble.

Items You Will Need:

  • Rags
  • Razor blade or utility knife
  • Mineral spirits
  • Ice cube
  • Nail polish remover

Consider the Surface

The type of surface the gummed tape is sticking to will determine the method you should use. Some techniques could damage some surfaces or not be as effective.

Removal from Glass

If you have gummed tape on glass, any of the treatments mentioned here will usually work. You can hold an ice cube against the glass, such as on a picture frame or painting, until the gummed area is hardened. Then use a razor blade or utility knife to scrape away the adhesive.

Removal from Plastic

If you have gummed tape, such as a price label, on plastic or acrylic, don't use a razor blade to scrape it, as it will most likely scratch the surface. If the plastic piece is small, soaking it in hot water for a while most likely will make it easy for you to remove the gummed tape. Or you can dip a rag into nail polish remover and rub the area. It should loosen right away, depending upon the type of adhesive.

Removal from Wood

To remove gummed tape from wood, the best method is to dip a rag into mineral spirits and rub the gummy area until it is removed.