How to Remove Hard Water Spots from Your Dishes How to Remove Hard Water Spots from Your Dishes

Hard water spots occur because of the mineral content in the water. Tiny amounts of minerals are suspended in the water. Making certain changes when washing dishes will reduce these stains.

Preventing Spots

Taking these steps will eliminate the cloudy spots on glassware.

  • The temperature of the hot water heater shouldn't be higher than 120 degrees F. Minerals in water heated above this temperature will settle into the bottom of the hot water heater. These particles will flow from the hot water heater to the dishwasher and stain the dishes. Sodium in water softener will also react this way even in soft water.
  • Turn the heated drying cycle off. This cycle bakes the dishes and causes spots and cloudiness as it drys any minerals present onto the dishes. This cycle works from an oven baking element.

       Remove Stains Already Present

      • Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to a load of dishes to remove hard water spots from dishes that are stained. Just sit the cup in the dishwasher in the bottom rack or add the vinegar to the rinse container.
      • Another method is to run the empty dishwasher on the regular cycle without dishwasher detergent. Start the dishwasher and wait a couple of minutes until water builds up in the bottom. Put two cups of vinegar in the water and finish the cycle. Initially, this process may need repeating. Do this once in awhile to remove mineral buildup in the dishwasher.

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