How to Remove Heart Pine Flooring

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Circular saw
Nail extracting pliers
Dust pan

Heart pine flooring is a type of flooring that many people prefer because of its charm, durability, and beauty. The material is intricately designed to provide an atmosphere that is reminiscent of traditional home settings. If you want to remove the heart pine flooring, say, to make a profit out of it, you need to carefully handle the material. In this way, you can recycle the wood and still earn good money. You may also reuse the boards for whatever project you have in mind. Here is a step-by-step guide to removing the valuable material.

Step 1–Measure Room

Measure your room space in order to predict the amount of flooring you are going remove. To preserve the quality of the material, start by removing all obstacles such as pieces of furniture and other objects. Now, you have enough space to carefully take the boards out. After you have finished clearing the area, prepare your tools (pry bar and circular saw) to start with the actual cutting and removing.

Step 2–Loosen the Flooring

Cut the first piece into smaller pieces using a circular saw. Use the pry bar to remove these pieces carefully. Don’t worry if the board gets destroyed, as this happens occasionally. Now, you need to check the tongue and groove. If the tongue is facing you, you’re on the right track. Proceed with the next step to remove all boards.

Step 3–Start Removing Boards One at a Time

Use the bar from the tongue side and take out each board, one by one. Make sure you work carefully because the flooring will lose its value if damaged. Keep the pry bar beneath the nail as you work on the board at length. Don’t rush and make sure to pry up gradually to loosen the board.

Step 4–Clear the Floor Space

Be aware of the obstacles that can possibly harm you as you keep on removing the flooring. These may include any nails that remain lying on the floor. Make sure you remove these in order to prevent injury. Use the extracting pliers to help you completely remove the nails. For other forms of debris, set aside the dust and wood remains with a dust pan. Be careful because cut wood may result in splinters that can pierce through your skin.

Step 5–Stack the Boards

Finish the project by stacking the boards neatly so that you can use them in the future. You may want to use them for another project or sell the boards for profit.  Heart pine flooring is expensive due to its durability and beauty. Also, you may want to reuse the flooring for another room. For whatever purpose you may use the heart pine flooring, make sure you put the boards in a safe place—they could wear out, and this can result in loss of value for your heart pine flooring.