How to Remove Indoor Outdoor Carpet

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Water hose or bucket

Indoor outdoor carpet is a very commonly used flooring material for a variety of different applications. You may find it on outdoor porches, sunrooms, utility rooms, or even on some boats. It is not susceptible to sunlight or moisture in most cases. With its very durable nature, it may be difficult to remove if you decide that you want to replace it. Indoor outdoor carpet can be very stubborn sometimes and taking it up is a real chore. Here is how you can effectively remove indoor outdoor carpet.

Step 1- Cut Slits into the Carpet

Take your utility knife and cut several slits into the carpet. Try to pry up the edges of the carpet with your utility knife if you can as well. Just make sure that you have several slits cut into the carpet so that you can access the backing.

Step 2- Apply Water

Take a water hose or bucket of water and pour water down into the slits that you cut. You need to saturate the glue with water and let it soak in. 

Step 3- Scrape the Glue

Once you have applied the water, the glue should soften up a bit. Take your scraper and start scraping up the carpet and glue. This is not an easy process and usually takes quite a bit of work.