How to Remove Ink Stains from Silk

What You'll Need
cotton cloth
container with water
alcohol-based hair spray
borax mixture
rubbing alcohol
cotton pad

Regardless of what other people may tell you, you can remove ink stains from any fabric, be it cotton, leather, nylon or silk. The key to a successful cleanup is simply to act on time and use the right detergents. So, if you have just dirtied your favorite dress or shirt, don’t hang your head in despair. There is a way out, and the present guide will give you valuable tips on how to find it. You won’t damage the fabric of the garment or incur large expenses for professional help.

Step 1–Soak up the Ink Stain

Take off the stained article of clothing and lay it on a flat surface. Take a sponge, cotton cloth or some paper towels and gently soak up the stain. In this way, you will stop the ink from bleeding though to other parts of the garment. Fill a container with cold water and put the garment into it. Let it sit there for fifteen minutes, then take it out and place it on a large towel to dry.

Step 2–Apply a Multi-Functional Cleaner

Insert a clean towel or other thick fabric under the ink stain. Apply a small amount of cleaner and wipe the stain with a sponge. Allow the area to dry.

Step 3–Use a Modicum of Hair Spray

Apply a little alcohol-based hair spray with a towel placed beneath the ink stain (don’t worry about brands–pretty much any hair spray will do). Gently dab the area using a sponge and wait for it dry.

 Step 4–Clean with a Borax Mixture

Take a bowl and pour borax, vinegar, milk and lemon juice into it (do not use more than one teaspoon of each). Stir the substances well and apply some of it on the ink stain. Wait for thirty minutes and carefully wipe the stain with a slightly moistened sponge. Once again, let the area to dry.

Step 5–Cover with Plain Toothpaste

Squirt out some toothpaste and apply it on the ink stain. Do not use gel toothpaste or brands that contain whitening or bleaching agents because these may damage the silk. Allow half an hour and wipe the area clean with a dampened sponge. Before moving on to the next step, let the garment dry completely.

Step 6–Pour Rubbing Alcohol

Purchase a bottle of rubbing alcohol (sometimes also called isopropyl alcohol) from your local hardware store. Using a cotton pad or a cotton ball, apply a small amount on the ink stain and gently rub around with your fingers. Moisten a sponge with cool water and carefully dab the affected area. It should be free of any ink by now. If it is not, repeat the preceding steps. If you have achieved a satisfactory result, wash the garment in a washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions (usually found on the tag at its back).