How to Remove Ink Stains from Wood Floors

hand wiping a wood floor with a rag
What You'll Need
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide
Magic eraser
Warm water
Clean cloth or rag

In order to remove ink stains from wooden floors, you need to follow certain steps to be successful. These stains are an eyesore and if not taken care of, your wooden floors can suffer devastating effects that are often irreversible. It will be best to use the most gentle of chemicals on your delicate wooden floors to avoid having more problems in the end.

Step 1 - Take out the Debris

To make sure that you avoid rubbing any debris into your delicate wooden floors, you must first make sure that the surface is free from dirt or dust before you try to remove ink stains. Do this by using a broom.

Step 2 - Blot the Stain

wiping a wood floor with a rag

The first thing you have to do to remove an ink stain is to blot it out with a clean cloth. The cloth will absorb the ink to avoid further staining. Make sure that you use a clean cloth because otherwise its dirt may spread into your wooden floors, resulting in more problems. Do not use a mop, because you may spread the stain.

Step 3 - Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Apply rubbing alcohol on your stain and blot it out with your clean cloth. Just blot it, because rubbing may cause further staining and thus more damage to your wooden floors. You can also try using hydrogen peroxide for the job. A Magic Eraser can also be a good choice.

Step 4 - Second Attempt

If the stain is not removed, you can try using a vinegar solution for the job. Make a mixture of ½ cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water and then use it to blot out the stain.

Step 5 - Last Resort

sander on a wood floor

If the stain hasn't vanished yet, the last thing you can do is sand the area. However, you have to make sure that you stain or paint the area with a similar color as the rest, to make it blend. You will also have to do this if the chemicals that you used caused problems to your wooden floor. Doing so will help make it look brand new.

Step 6 - Dry the Surface

After removing the ink stain, wipe the area with a clean cloth.

Avoid using such chemicals as bleach or ammonia to remove ink stains. It may do more damage to your wooden floors instead of making it better. Instead, get the help of a professional if the ink stain remains stubborn and irremovable. Also, remember to keep the chemicals you use out of reach of children to avoid having problems beyond the stain on your wooden floors.