How to Remove Latex Paint from Antique Brass Fixtures How to Remove Latex Paint from Antique Brass Fixtures

What You'll Need
Crock pot
Soft cloth
Work gloves
Paint thinner

Removing latex paint from your antique brass fixtures is a simple task.

Step 1 – Preparations

Get out your crock pot. Put in enough warm water so that your fixtures have room to be submerged. Then you can add in a few cups of vinegar. Turn the crock pot to a medium setting so that it can warm up.

Step 2 – Soak Your Fixtures

Once your crock pot has heated up, turn the temperature down to a low setting. Carefully place your fixtures in the vinegar and water solution. They will need to sit overnight to give the paint a chance to soften.

Step 3 – Remove the Paint

By now, the latex paint should be fairly soft. Put on your work gloves and be careful as you take out the fixtures; they'll be hot. Once out, try gently rubbing them with a soft cloth. You don't want to scrub at it, as this can scratch the brass.

Step 4 – Deal with Lingering Paint

If all of the paint did not come off with the vinegar and water, try using a paint thinner to get it off. Remember to be careful and use a light hand, since you don't want your fixtures to be ruined. Polishing after these steps can help restore your brass.

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