How to Remove Latex Paint from Metal

What You'll Need
Respirator mask
Protective gloves and clothing
Safety glasses
Drop cloth
Chemical painter stripper (for metal)
Plastic scraper
Paper towels
Mineral spirits
Paper towels

Trying to remove latex paint can prove challenging if you try to scrape it from metal. It can also cause damage to the metal. Here are steps to safely remove the latex paint so you have a good finish to polish or repaint.

Step 1: Preparation

Move the metal piece outside or into a garage in an area where you have plenty of room to work. You will have some fumes from the paint stripper, so do open windows if you are indoors and wear a face mask. Also, place a drop cloth under the piece to prevent spills from ruining any of your other surfaces. You'll be ready to start stripping the paint from the metal.

WARNING: Paint stripper is flammable, so move anything that may ignite it from the work area before you start. Don't forget to wear safety glasses, protective clothing and gloves as well as a face mask.

Step 2: Paint Removal

Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply the paint stripper to the piece and allow it to sit the suggested time, which is usually 15 to 30 minutes. The paint will bubble up. Using the plastic scraper, lift the paint from the piece and toss away. After the paint is removed, you will clean up any left over spots with mineral spirits.

Step 3: Remover Stripper Residue

Use paper towels to wipe down the piece to remove any stripper residue, as well as any left over paint chips that didn't come off. Your piece is now ready to polish or paint.