How to Remove Linoleum Floor Glue

What You'll Need
Heavy duty scraper
Liquid or gel paint stripper
Heat gun
Work gloves
Lead Test Kit
Paint brush

If you want to remove linoleum floor glue there are several ways to do it. You may need to use a combination of methods depending upon the type of glue you are removing and how much build up you have.

Step 1 - Determine Safety

If your home is older the linoleum or the glue it was installed with may contain lead which is a hazardous material. Test the area before removing any of the glue. If the test is positive this is not a do it yourself job and you need a professional to remove it.

Step 2 - Scrape the Glue

If the existing glue doesn't contain lead, first try to use the scraper to remove it. Sometimes old glue is brittle and will pop right off the wood subflooring if pressure is applied. Scraping is labor intensive work, so be prepared. Wear your work gloves and sweep up all glue that's removed and dispose of it.

Step 3 - Using Stripper

You may need to use paint stripper to remove some areas of glue that are difficult. Apply it with an old paint brush per manufacturers instructions. Again, wear gloves to protect your hands and have good ventilation in the room. Use the scraper to scrape it up when loosened.

Step 4 - Heat Gun

For extremely stupporn glue you may need to use a heatgun. Do not use a heatgun with paint stripper as it is combustible and you can start a fire. Use the heatgun on a high setting to liquefy the glue and use the scraper to remove it. Be cautious as it is very hot and can burn you.